Post Frame Buildings

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At Gober Buildings LLC, we only use the very best materials the post frame industry has to offer.

Our Post Frame Metal Building Process

  1. Every building begins with a true 5" x 5" treated post with a 60-year warranty.  These posts are set on 10' centers to give every building a solid foundation.
  2. Our first board to go up is a treated 2" x 6" which also doubles as our concrete form board. This 2" x 6" allows us to pour a true 4" concrete floor instead of 3.5" with a 2" x 4".
  3. We then place 2" x 6" wall girts around the building on approx. 2' centers to give the building the wind strength needed to stand up to Oklahoma winds. 
  4. We top that off with a factory engineered 2" x 6" truss specifically engineered for a 90 m.p.h. wind to finish off the framing. Inside of our framing, we pour a true 4" concrete floor with rebar reinforcement. While fiber mesh is a great product for sidewalks, it just doesn't stand up for a workshop floor.
  5. We then cover the frame with a 40-year warranty metal of your choice of color.  All of our metal is attached with a color matching neoprene screw.

The types of buildings we specialize in are Workshops, Agricultural, and Residential.